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Meet the New CreekKooler PuP

 It's finally here. Fifteen quarts of fury. 

It's a Jetsons World, baby

There is a guy who reviews coolers on the Internet. That's what he does. Really. We live in the future. Which one will be the champion? Hint: The one he's tenderly caressing 


Had a fantastic day floating the white river yesterday. My new CreekKooler made the float so fun!!! It kept our foo and drink cold! I bought two one for keeping things dry and one to ice down beverages! This will change your game! Drinks on the go... and it just floats along... no weighing down your kayak! 

D. Alsup

This cooler was awesome! We took it on a float trip and let me tell you, it was the talk of the float, everyone wanted to know where to get one! It held a lot of drinks and the ice was still there and drinks were still cold when the float was done! It's perfect for the river, float trips, lake or even the pool! 


K. Dennis

Just wow and it is as good as it looks! The CreekKooler is super tough and very well built. She will handle your class 5 rapids, or just the easy day on the lake or your favorite watering hole. The insolation is CRAZY thick and can only imagine how long it will hold ice. I am going to be paddle boarding the full coast of Texas to raise money for charity. The CreekKooler was the only choice to carry extra gear and food that I can't fir on my board. ... Thank you soo much CreekKooler for building such a rugged and amazing product!!

A. Gonzalez
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