Join Team CreekKooler as an Influencer

After spending hours trying to MacGyver our coolers onto rafts and 
into kayaks, only to have our food spoil and our drinks get warm, we thought, there must be a better way. And so the CreekKooler was born for every activity on and around the water.

Who is a CreekKooler influencer?

As a CreekKooler Influencer, you understand that time on the water is time well spent. You prefer your weekends away from the shoreline, whether you’re reeling in bass, or cruising through whitewater.  You’re traveling by SUP, kayak, on a tube or in waders, all with a common goal: to be outside.

CreekKooler influencers receive special pricing on CreekKooler products, and are the first to know about new products in our line. All we ask in return is you continue to enjoy our rivers, and keep the beer cold.

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